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"For J's" Grilled Paniolo Steak

2 1/2 Tablespoons "For J's" Kiawe Smoke Sea Salt
5 lb Tri Tips (or flap meat)
1 cup granulated sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons garlic powder

Sprinkle meat strips with Smoke salt and press firmly into all sides.
Combine granulated sugar and garlic; blend well; then roll meat in mixture.
Grill to desired doneness (medium rare is best) then transfer to a bowl to collect drippings.
Prior to serving, slice meat strips against grain into thin bite-size pieces. Return to the bowl to allow slices of meat to marinate in drippings for additional flavor.

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Kiawe Smoke Infused Pacific Sea Salt
Kiawe Smoke Infused Pacific Sea Salt
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Kiawe Smoke Sea Salt - Kiawe (pronounced "kee-ah-vay") is a cousin to mesquite but with a deeper more intense flavor. This is especially good on steak, pork, poultry, or seafood, as well as soups and chowders. Our favorite is on fresh salmon baked or grilled. For steak lovers, our Grilled Paniolo Steak recipe will surely make you famous.

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