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"For J's" Fishcake Poke
1 to 2 pounds fish cake - may use a variety of flavored fish cake or imitation crabmeat. (Cut into bite-size pieces)
2 to 3 Japanese cucumbers (cut into bite-size pieces)
1/2 medium sweet onion (Vidalia, Maui Onions, etc.) sliced
green onions (chopped)
toasted sesame seeds (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add “For J’s Steak Poke Sauce” to desired taste.
Top with green onions and toasted sesame seeds for presentation.
*Serve cold.

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Steak Poke Sauce
Steak Poke Sauce
Priced From: $8.00
Pokē (pronounced poh-keh) in Hawaiian means "to slice or cut into pieces". Not a lot of people like raw fish and because Poke doesn’t have to be made with raw fish, the idea using grilled steak came up. Steak Poke is something that people could love. Poke is becoming a craze and For J’s Hawaii Steak Poke Sauce could be a part of this new craze. Something new and exciting! Use it in place of regular sauces in your favorite recipes.