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Craig Erickson
Executive Chef
Sea House Restaurant at the Napili Kai Beach Resort
Napili, Maui, Hawaii
website: www.napilikai.com
· Maui Menus, Featured Restaurant
· Maui 'Reef Night', June 23, 2008
Invasive Species Cook-off, 1st Place!
Janis, We use your salt and sugars because they compliment the flavors with a burst of intensity that doesn't over power our recipes.
The fine-grained mango sugar [available to the food service industry] is used for finishing our coconut crème Brulee because when it hits the table there is an effervescence the guests can't immediately identify but makes the dish a sensory experience through scent and taste.
The coarse-grained mango sugar is used to garnish our Haupia sorbet to add a touch of texture and flavor.
The Kiawe Smoke Red 'Alae Salt is used to crust Kona Kampachi [prized Hawaiian yellowtail] to give a color and texture variation with the Kiawe flavor. We also use it with fresh rosemary to crust our prime rib ... the flavor runs all the way through the meat!
The Garlic Red 'Alae Salt is used to season our varieties of rice to give a distinct flavor while remaining a vegan dish. The garlic salt is also a seasoning for our mashed potatoes with Maui onion jam.
We depend on the seasoning we put into our food to be consistent and distinct. With ForJs we have that as well as a company based in Hawaii using Hawaiian ingredients to make a great product.

Mahalo, Chef Craig
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Natural Mango Hawaiian Cane Sugar Garlic Infused Red 'Alaea Salt Kiawe Smoke Infused Red 'Alaea Salt
Natural Mango Hawaiian Cane Sugar - These sugar crystals from the island of Maui, are infused with exotic Mango fruit. Garlic Red 'Alaea Sea Salt - This is the most versatile flavor infusion. Use it in place of regular table salt (but sparingly because of the intensity of sea salt) in your favorite recipes.
Kiawe Smoke Red 'Alaea Sea Salt - Kiawe (pronounced "kee-ah-vay") is a cousin to mesquite but with a deeper more intense flavor. This is especially good on steak, pork, poultry, or seafood, as well as soups and chowders. Our favorite is on fresh salmon, baked or grilled.