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Dean Mishima, 20 years as executive chef for Liberty House now has his own restaurant in Kaneohe call “Dean’s Drive Inn”.

Dean’s favorite salt is “For J’s Hawaiian Chili Pepper Sea Salt”.
“In this area, most local people want their food plain and tasty,” Dean explains. “For example, the first time I served lamb, I prepared it with a marinade and rosemary, but customers would eat it and say, ‘What am I tasting?’ So, I decided to do it local, pulehu style, seasoned with For J’s Hawaiian Chili Pepper Sea Salt and cooked over the charcoal. You don’t want the meat to be overpowered.”

Dean’s Drive Inn
45-270 William Henry Rd., Kaneohe
Monday -Thursday, Sunday 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.