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Story behind the sauce:

It all starts in the family. Janis enjoys creating recipes and cooking for her family. She also finds pleasure and excitement in sharing her new discoveries with friends. This family recipe has been shared with many family get together as well as pot locks at parties. Many times from the enjoyment of eating this dish, Janis would get requests for the recipe or even catering the dish. Seeing how much they really enjoyed this Steak Poke, Janis wanted to share this sauce with her customers so she bottled it. Her son Johnathan even took the pictures. Truly this Steak Poke Sauce was born from the family.

Steak Poke, people think it’s a Hawaiian raw fish dish. Pokē (pronounced poh-keh) in Hawaiian means "to slice or cut into pieces". Not a lot of people like raw fish and because Poke doesn’t have to be made with raw fish, the idea using grilled steak came up. Steak Poke is something that people could love. In California, and other parts of the mainland, Poke is becoming a craze. For J’s Hawaii Steak Poke Sauce could be a part of this new craze. Something new and exciting. For J’s Steak Poke Sauce was introduced to the public at the 2016 Made in Hawaii Festival. At this 3 day event, the Steak Poke Sauce was sold out on the 2nd day. Once people tasted the samples of this Poke, they were sold. It was an exciting moment for For J’s Hawaii.

Our family is so passionate about food that manufacturing these gourmet products is truly “from the heart”. Sharing these wonderful products is a way of spreading the Aloha, from our Ohana (family) to yours!