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Kona Deep Sea Salt (Red 'Alaea) - 4.5 oz. Glass Jar
Kona Deep Sea Salt (Red 'Alaea) - 4.5 oz. Glass Jar

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Kona Deep Sea Salt (Red 'Alaea) - Hawaiian Red 'Alaea Salt is a mixture of red 'alaea clay and sea salt. These salts are believed to be sacred salts, once used in Hawaiian ceremonies to cleanse, purify and in healing rituals for medicinal purposes.

Kona Deep Sea Salt is from sea water 2,200 ft. below the ocean surface. Pure and untouched by pollutants. It takes at least 2,000 years in ocean currents, traveling from the warm waters of Mexico up to the freezing Arctic, under the glaciers of Greenland where it picks up over a 100 ancient minerals that eventually reach the deep channels of the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands.

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