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Janis with her family.

"Start-up is all in the family. Tanga Co. has turned a diverse ethnic heritage and love of local food into a growing business."

- The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Nov 2, 2003

Before For J's was founded, Janis Tanga found great pleasure and excitement in sharing recipes and new discoveries with friends as well as family. Her family recipes have been shared with many family get together as well as pot locks at parties. Many times from the enjoyment of eating this dish, Janis would get requests for the recipe or even catering the dish. 

They urged Janis to package some of these culinary delights as a convenience in their hectic lives. Soon For J's the company was "born".


Our History

A portrait of Janis smiling with her salts.

For J's Hawaii, Inc. was founded in June of 2001 on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Our dream started with the production of For J's Poi Puff Mix.

The very popular "For J's Garlic Sea Salt" was introduced in 2002. Hawaiian Chili Pepper, Hickory Smoke, Kiawe Smoke, and finally the Maui Onion varieties of infused Pacific Sea Salt were added during the years that followed. The addition of our top-of-the-line infused Red 'Alaea Sea Salt almost doubled our offering of gourmet sea salt.

In October of 2007, For J's Hawaii introduced a line of Hawaiian Cane Sugar infused with natural exotic fruit flavors: Pineapple, Mango, and Lychee. They are unique products that will make 2008 an exciting year for us.

A family portrait of Janis with her family at the beach as the sun sets.

For J’s Steak Poke Sauce was introduced to the public at the 2016 Made in Hawaii Festival. At this 3 day event, the Steak Poke Sauce was sold out on the 2nd day. Once people tasted the samples of this Poke, they were sold. It was an exciting moment for For J’s Hawaii.

At For J's Hawaii, our goal is to produce gourmet salts and sugars that noticeably enhance your food. Janis painstakingly developed the SavorBlast process and formulas for our line of gourmet sea salt and Hawaiian cane sugar. Always a stickler for quality, we use only all natural ingredients in our Garlic, Maui Onion, and Hawaiian Chili Pepper infused sea salt and natural flavoring in our infused sugar. We have always urged newcomers to take our taste test: Place just one grain of our salt or sugar on your tongue to experience the "explosion" of flavor to see why our trade secret process has earned the name SavorBlast.

Our family is so passionate about food that manufacturing these gourmet products is truly “from the heart”. Sharing these wonderful products is a way of spreading the Aloha, from our Ohana (family) to yours!


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